VW Tiguan TDI delayed until 2015 in U.S. - report

The United States has been stuck with a petrol-powered Tiguan, but increasing demand for diesel engines could force Volkswagen to offer a TDI variant.

Speaking with Automobile Magazine, VW product planner John Ryan revealed the model is under consideration but there are currently a few holdups. First and foremost, the current 2.0-liter TDI engine - that is offered in the Golf TDI and Jetta TDI - would have to be equipped with an expensive urea-based catalyst system to meet U.S. emission standards. While the company already uses that type of system on the Touareg TDI, the cost would make a Tiguan TDI prohibitively expensive.

Even those issues were resolved, strong TDI demand in Europe has pushed American availability to the backburner.

Despite the problems, Ryan hinted that Volkswagen might iron out the obstacles when the next-generation Tiguan is introduced in 2015.

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