New Ford Ka Most Revealing Spy Photos Yet

Ford 500

While most of the carparazzi are freezing in the north of Scandinavia, Ford seizes the opportunity to do some testing on their new Ford Ka in Sourthern Europe. But fear not, the carparazzi are everywhere, resulting in the clearest photos yet of the new Ka, and without its buggley-eyes.

The new Ford Ka is based on the Fiat 500 frame and built in the same Polish factory as the Fiat 500. Yet there will be major differences between the two cars, firstly the Ford will be a lot more modern with Ford's new kinetic design already featured on the new S-Max and Mondeo.

Then again, there will also be plenty of similarities, like the engine choice. On top of the regular engines, Fiat has Abarth working on two high spec versions, the Abarth and Abarth SS, and we know that Ford will definately release an ST version and it stands to reason that there will also be a Ka RS.

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