Ferrari to Unveil F450 Concept in Frankfurt?

Could Ferrari be far along enough in development of the F450 to take it to Frankfurt? Well, German car magazine Auto, Motor und Sport seems to be under the impression that Ferrari is ready to bring a concept version of the car to the show by September.

The F450, referred to internally as the F142 by Ferrari, will come with a longer wheelbase and wider track than the F430 and be a little taller too. Pics and spy videos seen so far also show the F450 sporting new front and rear aprons as well as a centrally mounted exhaust system in the rear skirt.

Under the hood will be a 4.5 liter V8 with 550 hp (possibly up to 585 hp, according to Auto, Motor und Sport) coupled to the double-clutch gearbox seen in the California. The increase in power coming from a higher engine speed and an improved cooling system with larger air intakes. Coming from Formula 1 technology, the car may also feature a Kinetic Energy Recovery (KERS) system, with energy being recovered from the braking system.


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