A. Kahn Design WB12 Vengeance

Kahn Design is mostly known for modifying Land Rovers, Audis, and other prestige models, but as of recently, Kahn has transitioned into the world of custom-built cars designed specifically for the customers. Moving away from coach-built Land Rovers and SUVs, Kahn has created a new grand tourer for the performance fans, called the WB12 Vengeance, based on Aston Martin’s DBP. Base MSRP $340,000


The first noticeable difference between the WB12 Vengeance and Aston Martin’s DB9 is the vehicle’s stance. The “WB” in WB12 stands for ‘wide body’ while the 12 stands for the number of cylinders that are sitting at the heart of the Vengeance. Not only is the car wider, the suspension has been stiffened and lowered, adding to the aggressive stance. Kahn stated that the car’s styling was originally influenced by the 2003 Aston Martin Vanquish and offers the brutal look that Kahn considers the regular Aston Martin lineup to be lacking. The body is made from lightweight aluminum, crafted using traditional hammer-formed methods. The most impressive features are the widened rear fenders that are emphasized by the signature Aston Martin hood. The styling of the overall car is meant to resemble a sabre tooth tiger on the prowl.


Inside the cabin, Kahn decided to remove the rear two seats from the stock DB9, making this a true two-seat coupe. The seats and door panels along with the roof liner have all been lined with plush quilted leather. Many of the standard Aston Martin amenities including the AM/FM stereo system and console displays have remained intact.


Because many to all of the mechanical parts of the Aston Martin DB9 have been untouched, it is expected that there will be no changes to the performance numbers between the DB9 and the Vengeance. Peak output will most likely remain capped at 510 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque. Reaching 60 mph in the Vengeance will only take around 4.6 seconds and will accelerate up to an electronically limited 155 mph.


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