Isuzu Impulse

The Isuzu Piazza (also known as the Isuzu Impulse in the United States and the Holden Piazza in Australia) is a small sporty 3-door liftback coupé that was manufactured by Isuzu from 1981 to 1992 in two generations. In Australia it was sold by Holden, the local division of Isuzu's parent company, General Motors (GM).

The first generation Impulse was a rear-wheel drive car, and in the United Kingdom it was the first widely available Isuzu passenger car. The second generation was available as front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. It was the basis for the Gemini Coupe, or Geo Storm as it was known in the US market.

As of 2010, the number of registered Impulses totaled only 2,300, making Impulses very rare. The Impulse was produced in very low numbers, totaling slightly over 13,000 units, with that number including the production of the Isuzu Stylus. The Impulse is considered today to be one of the rarest 80's/90's era automobiles.

Source: Wikipedia, 2014

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