Chevrolet Suburban

The updated engineering and styling of the fifth generation Chevrolet Suburbans was not introduced until March 25, 1955, in the middle of the model year. All Chevrolet truck models received new styling that included a flatter hood, front fenders flush with the body, and a trapezoid grill.The trucks' V-shaped speedometer was shared with passenger car models.

Engines included I-6 and the small block V8s. Chevrolet used its 265 V8 engine, later evolving it to a 283-cubic-inch version. GMC based their V8 on a Pontiac design. Standard Suburban model numbers continued from the previous series, but the introduction of four-wheel-drive models in 1957 added the numbers "3156" for 4WD Suburbans with panel doors, and "3166" for 4WD Suburbans with tailgates.

Source: Wikipedia

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