Plymouth Fury

1962 Plymouth Fury: 1960 was the first year for unit-body construction, the first year for Chrysler's ram induction system which increased low-RPM torque, and the first year for Chrysler's new Slant-Six engine. The original 318 and 383 were available, along with a 361. The 225 slant-6 produced 145 hp (108 kW) at 4000 rpm. The 383 produced 330 hp (250 kW).

The Fury remained Plymouth's sales volume model through the early 1960s. The tailfins were completely removed for 1961, leaving the car with unpopular styling. Then Chrysler's president overheard and misunderstood Chevrolet chief Ed Cole saying Chevrolet would not have true full-size cars for 1962.

Chrysler cars including the Fury were downsized for 1962, another unpopular move.

Starting in 1962 and ending in 1969, the Sport Fury was offered as a hardtop coupe or a convertible.

Source: Wikipedia, 2013

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