Mercedes-Benz CLS550 4MATIC

The all-new CLS-Class coupe represents the first major redesign of a car that established an entirely new market segment - the four-door coupe, which combines the emotional appeal and dynamic design of a coupe with the comfort and functionality of a sedan.

Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC has been the leading technology in all-wheel drive for decades. Mercedes-Benz drivers the world over value its sure-footed agility on all manner of terrain, look no further than the gorgeous and potent CLS550 4MATIC.

Roads can be dry or wet, covered in snow, mud or even black ice. You can face side winds, hydroplaning, not to mention treacherous hills, dirt tracks or steep mountain passes fraught with tight serpentines, pot holes and uneven surfaces. As it turns out, there is a drive system that takes all of this in its stride - 4MATIC all-wheel drive from Mercedes-Benz. The electronically-controlled system displays an impressive level of traction on all manner of terrain, raises active safety and offers an outstanding degree of driveline refinement.

The superbly athletic CLS550 4MATIC is the latest addition to the 4MATIC coupe range. With 402 hp pumping from its 4.6-liter V8 engine and 443 lb-ft of torque, the formidably dynamic character of this ground-breaking four-door coupe is now even more impressive.

Source: Mercedes-Benz press

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