Tushek Renovatio T500

The Tushek sports car team spent many years using their hard earned road and race knowledge create the perfect package called Renovatio T500 - a unique hand built supercar. The Renovatio T500 incorporates the latest technology to be the lightest, fastest supercar on the circuit with V8 engine.

The Renovatio T500 utilizes cutting edge racing technology such as carbon brakes, AIM PISTA instrumentation, double wishbone remote internally mounted coil-overs and the latest FSI engine. Aljosa Tusek, a race driver, had long dreamed that he would be able to drive a car that responded to the turns, had traction and tactility that is expected from a race car, but could be used everyday.

The Renovatio T500 has been engineered specifically to assure best handling and communication with the driver. The timelessly, beautifully proportioned dynamic design mixes aggressive elements, racing style and aerodynamics resulting in distinctive look.

The new Tushek Renovatio T500 is going to be available in a very limited edition, custom tailored to only 30 individuals.

Source: Tushek press

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