Chevrolet Nova SS

The Chevrolet Nova was a compact automobile produced from 1962 through 1979.

The Nova Super Sport was transformed from a trim option to a performance package for 1968. One of the smallest muscle cars ever fielded by Detroit.

As with other 1969 GM vehicles, locking steering columns were incorporated with the Nova. Simulated vents were added below the Nova script, which was relocated to the front fender instead of the rear quarter panel. 

The 1970 Nova was basically a carryover from 1969. The side marker and taillight lenses for the 1970 Nova were wider and positioned slightly differently. This was the final year for the SS396. All other engines were carried over including the seldom-ordered four-cylinder which was in its final year. Out of 254,242 Novas sold for 1970, 19,558 were the SS 350 or SS 396 version.

Source: Wikipedia, 2012

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