A. Kahn Design Aston Martin Cygnet

Afzal Kahn has undertaken many a unconventional project, but for those who think the British designer faced the ultimate challenge of building a supermini worthy of the Aston Martin badge: Afzal, true to his promise to "transform this baby Aston Martin Cygnet to something more refined," has delivered the goods with such vigor and style – this vehicle is now bubbling with true Aston Martin DNA.

Dubbed by many as the most controversial car of 2011, the Aston Martin Cygnet is either a fabulously clever way to make a great deal of money and cut C02 emissions, or an abomination not fit to wear the iconic winged badge, depending on whom you speak to. This particular vehicle, however, does not fit the latter description thanks to a metallic imperial blue finish coupled with a Kahn lowering module, blue metallic bonnet louvres and brake calipers finished in heat resistant blue paint.

Furthermore, the Kahn stainless steel quad exhaust system, interconnected in order to coalesce design and engineering expression, is centered around a radical design – reflecting an attraction to a pluto-matic lifestyle. Complete with the cross hair exhaust feature – it is a first cousin only to silence, and manners.

Inside is the bespoke touch: we provide our customers with the opportunity to express one’s individuality. And they can have whatever they want. Afzal Kahn could, for example, design an exterior the color of your jeans and an interior with seats the same shade of a grey T-shirt. Customers could change the color of the clock, or ask for anything else, the world is their oyster, so to speak.

Kahn wheels sit perfectly, on any vehicle, conveying the essence of the vehicle’s identity. Created using state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology, the RS 17” front and 18” rear wheels are finished in the color of your choice and fit all original centre caps.

With simple clean lines, soft organic surfaces on the edge of the spoke and a purposeful mechanical centre, the RS wheels are synonymous with elegance and innovation.

The Kahn brand personifies the individual who will not submit to a life of uniformity, and the sophisticated Kahn GMT pure timepiece was designed to be worn with comfort whilst driving the Kahn Aston Martin Cygnet, by Afzal Kahn himself.

The pure white face, from which the name is derived from, creates a subtle, classic look and when combined with the full soft leather strap delivers a watch with timeless style.

A. Kahn design is dedicated to the creation of luxury bespoke vehicles, we redesign the ordered monotony of mass produced vehicles and rebuild them into individually tailored creations.

Source: A. Kahn Design press

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