A. Kahn Design Bentley Continental GT

Few break free from the pressures of conformity to the accepted rules, to do so convention must be challenged, and existence redefined. Once boundaries are rejected it is possible to believe that the world can be changed.

In the design of most wheels form follows function. In the design of Kahn wheels, form is the function. This is because at Kahn design it is not about racing, it is all about design. The Kahn philosophy is based on the rule that only the best is good enough. As opposed to other manufacturers that release many designs into the market every year; Kahn chooses to present only one or two designs a year. This is because Kahn spend many months fine tuning their designs until every shape, curve and line are perfect to their application.

This is also true for A. Kahn Design vehicle body styling accessories. Each individual accessory is created with a unique application in mind. This ensures a perfect fit which not only provides optimum aesthetics and optimum safety.

Newly developed by A. Kahn Design is an eight-piece body which consists of a three piece rear valance, two side skirts, a two piece front valance and a rear boot spoiler. This kit has been developed by the specialist A. Kahn Design team and has undergone many hours of testing not only to ensure safety but also to ensure that a perfect fit and look is achieved for each and every car.

This body kit accentuates the cars already stunning exterior and provides an aggressive look that is not matched by any other manufacturer worldwide. The reason this kit has been developed is to cater for our customers constant demands for exclusive vehicles with that ‘little extra something’. It is this ‘little extra something’ that can make or break a vehicle such as this and in this case it definitely makes it.

Source: A. Kahn Design press

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