A. Kahn Design Range Rover RS600

Photographers can now put away their long-lenses, and the speculation can end, A. Kahn Design has released a styling package for the Range Rover Vogue and autobiography models.

And here are the first official pictures and details of the new A. Kahn Design 2011 Styling Systems for the RS450 4.4 Diesel and the RS 600 5.0 Supercharger Petrol.

From exterior styling to performance and lifestyle accessories, the 2011 A. Kahn Design Range Rover exudes craftsmanship and performance enhancing features.

These supreme products are what real motoring enthusiasts yearn for, as opposed to a plethora of superficial products currently flooding the market.

“Many a great British institution is no longer in business because manufacturers, nowadays, simply do not invest appropriately in research and product development,” said Afzal Kahn.

“What they tend to do is develop decorative tail finishes and go for an artificial look, which in reality, is bling and customers end up with something which I can only describe as sub-standard, cheap and decorative. This is detrimental to the car in terms of performance and product enhancement. I believe this approach was very much a contributing factor in relation to the unfortunate collapse of the British motor industry.

“I focus on performance, engineering and enhancement like the true engineers of this industry. I am committed to combating the mitigating factors, because at A. Kahn Design, hundreds of thousands of pounds are spent in rigorous research and product development and I will not launch a product until I am satisfied. Our products are made for intricate individuals who believe in our philosophy and commitment to invest in British Industry and the RS450 4.4 Diesel and the RS 600 5.0 Supercharge Range Rover is just the beginning, look out for additional stylistic changes which will be announced soon.”

The 2011 styling system can be personalised to suit discerning customers needs. A plethora of accessories add individual style to the Range Rover whilst improving practicality and capability.
On the outside the Range Rover Styling System comes with an impressive aerodynamic Kahn body kit consisting of: RS front bumper replacement including ring bezels and 3D mesh inserts, made to incorporate the original equipment fog lamps, a RS rear bumper replacement including a exhaust diffuser, full stainless steel exhaust and a pair of RS side skirts.
In addition, a lower boot lid spoiler, RS front grille with 3d mesh and a pair of side vents including 3D mesh inserts complete the vehicle.

The RS 600 5.0 comes with a premium 10 piece wide arch body kit in carbon composite along with 2 piece front bumper spoilers.

Furthermore, the RS ‐ wide arch aerodynamic styling package consists of an RS- Vented front wheel arch with integrated front air dam, RS vented rear wheel arch with integrated rear air dam.

A separate wide track wheel arch styling package is available for the RS-600- 5.0 and the 4.4 with a full Cosworth conversion, yet another British company Afzal Kahn supports. Body kits are also available for the RS-300 signature (10 piece), RS-600 (6 piece) and for older Range Rover models.
Inside is the new "bespoke touch" with a whole new personalised leather treatment complete with an entire tailor-made interior. Furthermore, an interior to suit the customer's own specifications is also available.

Source: A. Kahn Design press

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