Plymouth Valiant Duster 340

Four 1970, Plymouth enhanced its entry-level Valiant compact passenger car line with a sleekly styled new semi fastback two door coupe called the Valiant duster. Over the next few years the sporty, affordable little Duster Coupe was marketed in an array of funky special additions including the gold duster, duster twister and the gas sipping, ultra lightweight feather Duster.

Standard engines in the economy oriented Duster were 198 and 255 cubic inch versions of Chrysler's bulletproof slant six, but at the opposite end of the Valiant spectrum in the waning years of the musclecar era for some potent V8 powered Dusters - Dust 340, 340 Wedge and Duster 360.

After 16-year production run, the last Plymouth Valiant was built in mid-1976.

Source: Walter P. Chrysler Museum

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