Supercharged Ford Mustang vs. ’69 Chevy Chevelle — Who Wins?

Ford versus Chevy. Chevy versus Ford. In the automotive world, rivalries don’t get much more bitter than this Detroit-born, crosstown competition for performance supremacy. For decades, it’s been a bloody road-and-track battle, pitting icons against one another like the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, the Ford GT and Corvette ZR1, and the always fuming F-series versus Silverado rivalry for the pickup truck crown. Today, the embers of battle still glow red-hot, and nowhere more so than on the track, as seen here. Bay Area Racing recently filmed this drag strip grudge match between a mid-60’s Ford Mustang hardtop fitted with a Procharger supercharger, and a ’69 Chevy Chevelle sporting a shot of nitrous, making a pass at the quarter mile. No times were recorded for the grudge match drag strip throw down, but cast your votes—who do you think will win? RELATED: This "Barn Find" King Cobra was Once the Top Mustang
Surprised? So were we. Admittedly, the burly Chevelle is caught sleeping for a moment as the lights go green, but even with its powerful shot of nitrous it’s unable to reel in the absolutely lightning-quick Mustang, which gets off to a belter of a start, no doubt aided by the low-end torque of the supercharger. The Chevelle also shimmies and squirms through the first 50 feet or so, trying hard to put its wall of power to the ground. Turbo and supercharger fans, you won this one. It seems forced induction really is the replacement for displacement. That said, the lumpy exhaust burble from both cars sound achingly, achingly perfect. RELATED: Hennessey Goes BIG with an 800-HP Ford Mustang

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