Watch World’s Fastest Jeep Cherokee Crash During a Drag Race

The Jeep Cherokee isn’t the first vehicle that comes to mind when you think of off-the-line speed or drag strip dominance. Then again, this isn’t your average XJ. This ’86 Jeep Cherokee is an absolute straight line demon, created by veteran drag racer Martin Blair.  The secret to his success? A clever custom-built chassis...and a lot of power. Beneath the Jeep’s hunkered-down form lies a Chrysler “megablock” V8, bored and stroked to 505 cubic inches. A two-stage nitrous system follows, as does an aggressive camshaft and high performance heads. The setup is said to yield around 1,100 horsepower, which explains Blair’s recent quarter mile passes of 8.47 and 8.43 seconds at Maryland’s Cecil County Dragway. Fast. RELATED: Watch This Dodge Ram Out-Sprint a Nissan GT-R
The SUV's lightning quick runs allegedly got even faster too, but unfortunately it all came to an end later in the night when the Jeep lurched left, right, and eventually flipped onto its side…still sliding down the drag strip. RELATED: See images of the much-slower 2015 Jeep Cherokee Urban Concept Thankfully, Blair emerged unscathed from the incident, though the muscled-up Jeep Cherokee didn’t fare so well. Take a look.
But don’t despair, because according to videographer BigKleib34, that’s not the end of the monstrous Jeep Cherokee. Blair is said to already be working on transplanting his drag-winning setup into a new vehicle. The old Cherokee began as a $250 fixer-upper. If that’s what Blair can do with a $250 Jeep, imagine what he has in store for the next build. RELATED: Watch This 2,000 HP Lamborghini Drag Race Straight into a Lake

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