Kia GT Sedan Sort of Confirmed for Production

File this under good news/bad news. Kia is poised to announce its GT will finally see production. But, its GT4 Stinger — that lovable little coupe unveiled last year — faces a much more difficult road ahead. One publication said that’s the word from Orth Hendrick, Kia Motors America’s head of product planning. Kia spokesman Scott McKee says otherwise, but he may be splitting hairs. RELATED: See More Photos of the 2011 Kia GT Concept According to Drive, Hedrick said, “We expect to have an announcement soon.” As McKee told BoldRide, “As indicated by Orth, we have not made any official statements confirming either GT or GT4 Stinger for production.” But it’s rare for car companies to say an announcement is coming soon and then say a car is not coming to production. “Despite the long gestation period Hedrick is confident that the GT would still make a big impact for the brand, especially in North America,” the article said. It is expected to be a rear-wheel drive, four-door sports sedan that sits on the Hyundai Genesis platform. But why won’t the GT4 Stinger work in the U.S. — at least not immediately? "I think for us the GT is a sedan so it has a lot broader appeal than a two-door coupe. They don't do well here. They do really, really good for 18 months and then they really fall off,” Hendrick said. RELATED: See More Photos of the Kia GT4 Stinger Concept As we reported back in December, turns out the Kia GT got the greenlight because of sales in Europe of the Pro_Cee’d. That’s a three-door hatch with the 1.6-liter turbo founded in the Hyundai Veloster. The big mystery continues to be what powertrain the GT is going to get. That’s where the R&D team comes in. We’ve got a suggestion.— drop in the 293-horsepower V6 from the Kia Cadenza. Problem solved. ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide

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