6 Cars That Have Gotten Stale Over Time

A few days ago, we presented the question, "What cars did you love at first, but are now tired of seeing?" I opened the conversation by explaining that, even as somebody who obsesses over Chevrolet Camaros, I feel like the sheer number that I see on the road combined with the time that has passed since the car made its triumphant return has made the design tired. Naturally, some people called me a hack, some agreed, and some people started entirely different conversations that didn't address the question at all. So is the day-to-day routine of blogging. I went through and read all of the comments, and there were a few repeating sentiments about which cars need updates. Here are the results, according to you, our readers. Comments quoted verbatim. RELATED: 8 Classic Cars the World is Happy to Have Back Chevrolet Camaro "Camaro design has aged really fast. It does look tired now. The redesign needs revolutionary not evolutionary changes." - MS Nissan Maxima (and all other Nissans) "All Nissans. It's like the took a play-doh model of the Maxima from 6 years ago and pulled it in different ways to design each of their current models." - JRay Toyota Prius "Prius has got to be the worst looking played out design. It almost looks as dated as a nissan" - JXGRAB Chrysler 300 "The Chrysler 300 is tops on my list followed by most MBW, Mercedes and Lexus offerings these days. There overly plain slab sided cookie cutter look is getting old. It's pretty sad when Hyundai and Kia offer more interesting design language than cars costing 3 times it's price!" - Joel "I can definitely see why massively changing a popular model can be a gut wrenching gamble for a manufacturer. especially a model that is your bread and butter in a segment or for your entire company. Chrysler cars were hideous until the 300 came out, but I think the 300 looked too good, they had nowhere to go but down from there. Same with the Ram pickups. While freshened and infused with technology, they are still not a great departure in style from the massive redesign from 1994." - mark g Dodge Challenger and Charger "I'm tired of seeing the Dodge Hellcats, on the street, on TV, on every damn car mag cover....uhhhh." - Doc423 "the worst is the pathetic charger. my gawd how they ruined the old school muscle car by being sellout to the middle class.. really a four door chargrer? hard to believe the did that to the car. then on top of that they crammed too much #$%$ design and lights. looks like a clown car now." - Commenter Audis "Audi is probably the most boring brand to me as a whole. The A5 and A7 stand out, but the A4 just looks like a Passat with nicer headlights, the A6 looks like a big A4, and the A8 looks like a big A6. Plus front wheel drive????" - Chris "The Audi silhoutte elicits a yawn and needs a total makeover." - C Prompt "Every Audi looks old the moment they come out." - Dan "Audis though, they pretty much all look the same with the exception of the R8." - David "Audi's pretentious eyebrow LED running lights--bad enough as-is, but worse for having inspired scores of ugly knock-offs. " - Guy Incognito All Cars? "In all honesty, I'm tired of seeing almost every car on the road today. They all look the same and it gets to a point to where there is no point in having three car companies if they all produce cars with the same look and style. I wish I was around when cars were cars and you could tell the difference between makes just by looking at them from across the street." - American_Ace_96 "CAFE standards and the wind tunnels make the shapes so much alike. Re-using platforms until they pay off can make a clean design odd when bent around to fit an existing platform. Unless you get into sports cars and HIGH DOLLAR exotics that the average guy can't afford, cookie cutter and jellybean designs are it." - Bob RELATED: Which of Today’s Cars are Future Classics? ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide

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