Elon Musk Says the Hyperloop Will Be Built

People love to hate Elon Musk. Or hate to love him. Usually the hater crowd are his accountants, or his competition, as we saw after his address at this years North American Auto Show. Our view though, is that Musk a national treasure, just based by the sheer lunacy of his ambition. Everything he comes up with we want to try out. Sort of like the Hyperloop. RELATED: See More of the Tesla Model S A few days ago, Tony Stark Elon Musk tweeted out that his company would be building a test track for the high speed transit concept, or Hyperloop for companies and students to test out their individual pod designs. For those that haven’t heard of Musk’s Hyperloop concept, it’s essentially a version of high speed rail, but completely turned onto its head. The way the Hyperloop system would work is by levitating a small six person pod in a near frictionless tube. Then using super powerful electro magnets to push the pod along…at 4,000 mph. Good bye four and a half hour plane ride to the West Coast. Unlike many great inventions or futuristic concepts that never see the light of day, Musk is actually building it for the betterment of humanity. RELATED: See What Tesla Should Make Next: Tesla Model R  Although it’s still uncertain where the new facility will be built, Musk stated that he hopes it will be in Texas. That certainly would be interesting since Texas still doesn’t allow Musk to sell his Tesla cars in the state. But for those of you that travel across the state, Hyperloop could do away with the long, tedious drive. ________________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide

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