Giant Banana Car Meets Giant Toaster Car in Kalamazoo, MI

That is a real headline. And here’s something you don’t see every day. It would be rare enough to see a boxy Scion with two pieces of “toast” protruding from the roof, but match that with an open-wheel banana car? You have one of the strangest sights a motorist could witness.

Leave it to a place named Kalamazoo to feature such a sight. The Michigan town was the setting of the rendezvous of these two breakfast items. Two years ago, D.B. Wilson (the owner of the Scion Toaster) met Steve Braithwaite (owner and promoter of the banana car) at an art car parade in Houston. 

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Giant Banana Car Meets Giant Toaster Car in Kalamazoo, MI

Wilson had embarked on a trip from Los Angeles to Chicago behind the wheel of the vehicle that he calls the “Pastry Resistance.” Following completion of that leg of the journey, Wilson headed out to Kalamazoo to join the rolling fruit. 

The toaster car and Wilson have since headed out to upstate NY, but for a brief period of time, two very unique vehicles got together to make a healthy mobile snack.

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