Toddler's Ghostbusters Halloween Costume Even Has Ecto-1 Push Cart

Remember last year when one adorable toddler got to ride like Marty McFly for Halloween? Well now that lovable tyke is back with another '80s inspired Halloween getup for 2013 – Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters, of course. In light of last year's Back to the Future internet fame, Cooper's parents were quick to think up another quirky costume for their son, based on another one of their favorite flicks of the 1980s. Thus, the Ghostbuster costume was born, complete with a push cart version of the Ecto-1 Cadillac used in the film. The car was made completely out of cardboard, and sports full ghostbusting equipment. The signature Ghostbusters insignia is plastered on the door panel, while Cooper himself is armed up with a proton pack and ghost trap in hand. Ghosts better watch their backs this Halloween. RELATED: Baby Gets All Marty McFly for Halloween Source: RottenKitten

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