Jaguar F-Type Sportbrake: Steaming Molten Lava Hot

I- I think I'm in love. This Jaguar F-Type shooting brake is by far one of the most gorgeous wagon renderings (?) we've come across in a while. Yes, while in the past we've seen some wagons go very very wrong, this one is going all sorts of right. And I want to touch it. Now, the shooting brake is sort of a niche car for the most part- at least here in the states- but if you're looking for something sporty, good looking and able to carry 2 and 1/2 children, why wouldn't you want to own this? WHY!? So far, some reports have indicated that this actually might be the real deal (fingers crossed), but as of now, we'll write this off as a well done concept. That we want in our driveways. Like, yesterday. Source: Carhoots

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