BoldRide Weekly News Recap

Well, another week there and another week gone at the BoldRide office. So far, we've yet to feel the onrush that is the brunt of Geneva, but when the show officially drops on March 5th, well, we'll have a lot to get done. But aside from Geneva, this week was filled with all sorts of new concepts, videos and more news on the Corvette than we'd like to remember. …Like we said; Hennessey wants to shove 1,000-hp in the Stingray, while rumors of a low budget Corvette are starting to spread. But, is this just a bait and switch by Chevy? We showed you some dirty wagon photos; the Bertone Jet 2+2 and Mercedes-Benz SLS Shooting brake. And an even dirtier production-spec McLaren P1 banana. Grey Poupon gave us the joy that is the champagne cannon. Some 20-some odd dutch DJ (Afrojack) showed us that just because you can own handsome Audi R8s, doesn't mean that you can drive Ferrari 458s. Not that he gave a damn… Ford announced its Fiesta ST will be priced at a thrifty $21,400; which, you can take to Vegas and drive up to 85 mph. Legally (maybe)! Our friends at Factory Five made one of the sexiest hot rods we've ever seen, while some other guys put a Viper V10 in a 30s Rolls-Royce and totally ruined it. We shared our journey with the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and then told you what to expect with a diesel Wrangler. Because we're cool like that. And finally, we showed you two sexy new concepts in the Alfa Romeo 6C and BMW MZ8. We wish both of them would be produced. So, while we gear up for Geneva, we hope that you soaked up all the news from this week like the anthropomorphic sponges that you are and put it to good use at your next cocktail party. Take that, neighbor that thinks he knows everything.

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