This is 'Wheeler Dealers'...the Automotive Version of 'This Old House'

Meet Mike Brewer and Ed China. They are the hosts of “Wheeler Dealers,” a television show devoted to fixing up modern classic cars. It airs on the Discovery and Velocity channels in the USA. The basic premise of the show is that Ed China acts like the average DIY car mechanic or maybe you depending on your “fix it up” abilities, and Mike Brewer becomes a used car buyer or salesperson. It is an instructional show that does away with pesky advertisements and emphasizes the methods used to fix up modern classic cars. These guys give you tips and inside information about the vehicles acquired for each show. One example would be the Triumph Stag they purchased that was originally prone to overheating and had electrical gremlins.  By the end of the show and before each vehicle is sold, Ed China sorts out each and every problem with the car featured and ‘voila’ it is an operable classic. Cars have ranged from the MGB GT to the Fiat Dino Coupe 2400 to a Morgan +4, BMW M5, and more! Other cars that have been featured on Wheeler Dealers are listed online and will likely be shown in this or the next season of the show in the U.S.A.  So this is a spoiler alert that there are currently an additional twelve cars missing from the above list that will be shown as time goes on. Mike Brewer and Ed China have put their own classic, interesting and eclectic spin on cars in each episode. This show has hopped the pond to come to the USA. And, it is currently in its 9th or 10th season. So if you love and live cars as much as we do it is a must watch television show. Cheers to Mike Brewer, Ed China and their technical adviser, Paul Brackley, for putting together such a bold show year after year.

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