Reverse: August 12th Weekly News Recap

We backed up and grabbed some stuff you may have missed this past week. You’re welcome. Perhaps one of the boldest rides of all time lands on Mars, and here's more on just how it works (via HowStuffWorks) Red, White and... Nissan?  85% of their vehicles will be built in the USA but 2015 (via Autoblog) Oh HELLO. Jaguar uses Playboy Bunnies to unveil the XJL Ultimate (via Jalopnik) The Mini Mini becomes a star at the Olympics, but has many skeptics (via Bloomberg) Wall Street identified the 3 worst performing car models this year (via Yahoo!) Lastly, this weekend is the ultimate race up Pike's Peak and here's the backstory and what you need to know (via BoldRide) Here are some new standout cars released this week on BoldRide: 2012 Conquest Evade 2012 Audi R8 Exclusive Edition Bugatti Art Car by Ian Cook  

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