Reverse: August 5th Weekly News Recap

We backed up and grabbed some stuff you may have missed this past week. You’re welcome. Ferrari's F12 Berlinetta, it's fastest street car to date gets tested by the press (via Wall Street Journal) Audi's R8 gets a facelift and some other enhancement (via BoldRide) The Polish Arrinerra Hussarya Supercar is officially unveiled, and it looks just like a Lamborghini (see it here) An artist in London creates a masterpiece out of a bus for the Olympics, enabling it to do pushups (via Daily Mail UK) Pakistan Revels in Boast of Water Run car - is this the future? (via NY TImes) Lastly, Apple admits that it once considered making a car (via Autoblog) Here are some new standout cars released this week on BoldRide: 2013 Arrinera Hussarya 2013 RENM Lamborghini Aventador  Limited Edition Corsa 2012 Porsche 918 Spyder 

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