Reverse: July 8th Weekly News Recap

We backed up and grabbed some stuff you may have missed this past week. You’re welcome. - Volkswagen AG bought the rest of Porsche; will there be a 911 Beetle in the future? (via NY Times) - The flying car just got one step closer to take off...the Terrafugia Transition completed it's first round of flight testing. (via Wired) - McLaren drops the top on their MP4-12C revealing a stunning Spider. (via Telegraph) - Have dough? Artega files for bankruptcy, and is searching for investors. (via Engadget) - Another great icon, Sergio Pininfarina, passes and leaves us with his legacy. (via Ferrari) - Classic car fans get ready, Jerry Seinfeld's new web series, 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' airs July 19, and we're already laughing. (via Huffington Post) - Lastly, we check out a retro-inspired Mercedes-Benz 300 SL created by a French designer. (via BoldRide) Here are some new standout cars released this week on BoldRide: 2012 A. Kahn Design Jeep Wrangler CJ 300 2012 Audi TT Coupe S Line Competition 2013 Infiniti M35h GT 2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider 2013 Puritalia 427 2012 TechArt Porsche Panamera Diesel

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