Video Flashback: The 90s Muscle Car Battle You Never Heard Of

Most of us see the current generation of muscle car cock fighting rivalry as a continuation of unsettled beef from the 1960's. Truth is, the Camaro and Mustang were still vying for the title of "baddest-bang-for-your-buck-ride-out-of-Detroit," despite being castrated by silly emissions standards and outrageous insurance premiums. Whether it was at a 70's drive-in or on an Internet forum, the smack talking between the camps never died down. What we didn't realize was how seriously the performance divisions within Ford and Chevrolet took that rivalry. Over the course of the 1990's tension between the two grew into a secret muscle car arms race. It was a cold war between rivaling performance divisions, resulting in Detroit's very own Cuban Missile Crisis in 2000. Both Chevrolet and Ford primed their coupes with massive 600 cubic inch V-8s, fitted them with slicks and showed up to a track day duel mediated by Car & Driver. This is what went down: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

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