Reverse: Weekly News Recap

We backed up and grabbed some stuff you may have missed this past week. You’re welcome. - Ultra luxury SUVs like Lamborghini’s Big Bull, Bentley’s EXP 9 F and the Eterniti Artemis debut at the Beijng Auto Show. (via CBS News) - Bugatti unveils a one-off Grand Sport Wei Long that pays homage to the Year of the Dragon and features porcelain motifs. (via MotorAuthority) - Jaguar revealed the Ultimate XJ – so now you now pop champagne and more in this "private jet" of new cats. (via UberGizmo) - A Chinese collector purchased the the one-off Bertone Nuccio Concept for about 2 million euros. (via Automotive News Europe) - Victoria Beckham worked with Land Rover to create the supreme "soccer mom" Evoque. (via Reuters) - Chrysler is roaring back to life – their first quarter income quadrupled thanks to strong U.S. market share growth. (via Business Week) - Lastly, we took an in depth look at new Lamborghini Urus SUV Concept. (via BoldRide) Click here to see the best galleries of the cars released this week at the Beijing Auto Show.

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