Reverse: Weekly News Recap

We backed up and grabbed some stuff you may have missed this past week. You’re welcome. - Blow her top off: Ford unveils a 650HP convertible Mustang.  (via New York Times) - The most expensive car sold in Britain fetches £20.2 million. Soon to be sold in Britain: the most expensive insurance plan.  (via Top Gear) - A Bugatti on a public road flies past 200mph…and an eagerly waiting cop.  (via Jalopnik) - Nissan unveils a new 370Z that's slightly "defanged."  (via Autoblog) - The green medal goes to the Mitsubishi EV.  (via Wired) - Lamborghini is planning an SUV. Mom will soon go from zero to soccer practice in under 5 seconds.  (via Road and Track) - The worst car ever sold in America is…  (via LA Times) Lastly, allow us to toot our own horn with the best galleries of every car released this week from the Chicago Auto Show (via BoldRide)

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