CRAZY painted Bugatti Veyron Start-Ups, LOUD revs QUICKSILVER exhaust in London!

Once again the fantastic event which is Wilton House is almost upon us, in less than 7 days a huge amount of classic cars and supercars will gather inside the grounds of Wilton House. Lord Pembroke owns the land on which the event takes place and this year he has had his car wrapped in a unique livery combining many things.... His car of course is not your average one, but a Bugatti Veyron. In this video you see the car being uncovered to the public for the first time, the wrap has many different features and having chatted to Mr.JKB the thought behind it was to make it look like a GULF livery, but with wet paint which had been driven through, or to that effect anyway... Painted by radio controlled cars and the imense skill of Ian Cook ( The car looks stunning, and with the added feature of a Quicksilver exhaust which really adds to the drama. Jay Broom and Lord Pembroke are the main men behind wilton house, without them this event wouldn't be the huge success it continues to be, so if you are not doing anything next weekend (watching the olympics does not count!) pop along! You can purchase your tickets here: very reasonable price, and all for charity. More info and for future events can be found here: All footage from the event will be posted up straight after the show.... counting down the days now :)

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