WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Aston Martin V12V Roadster on the street! Start, Drive, Details and Roof folding

5th July 2012, just a day or so after the Aston Martin V12 Vantage roadster was announced I managed to spot this one in London! I have always liked the V12 Vantage, so being the 1st to see this was kind of special, with red inserts and red carbon everywhere coupled with the white exterior and red interior this is what we call in London, 'arab spec'.... However the car is owned by Aston Martin. Just 4 days ago I saw a light blue V12 Vantage wearing this plate, but they do swap from car to car all the time. I suppose the video should be dedicated to a certain Mr Shmee150, as he was informed of the whereabouts, but unable to get there when it was still around. I should also add, if anyone else see's one, please get the VIN number as he aims to create a V12 Roadster registery!

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