1963 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 1963 Grand Prix video remastered at HD with a couple of new pics. I did a complete nut and bolt frame off about 11 years and built this car as good as I could make it. I took some liberties in areas such as the Porsche arctic silver instead of the 63 Pontiac silver mist, which I never liked. I remember standing around a Porsche / Audi dealer for a couple of hours one day long ago trying to make a decision between the Porsche silver and the Audi silver. I have Firestone Firehawk Indys done as redlines by Diamond Back Classics. It also has HD springs, fat sway bars and Bilsteins and a faster ratio steering box. These changes didn't make it harsh, but instead an excellent, comfortable road car that handles very well. I also have a Bowtie Overdrives modified 700r with a lock up torque converter and a .70 overdrive top gear. 100 mph is only 2700 rpm in lockup 4th. That gave big benefits with gas mileage or it could have, given that I drive faster and use it all up. I still get 18-19 mpg out on the road, which isn't horrible. I use the Arrowhead Components reproduction 8 lugs because they are way better than the originals. The GP goes to many out of towns shows because it's such a great road car and so reliable.

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