Tushek sports car - Renovatio T500

"As a race driver I have long dreamed that I would be able to drive a road car that provided the response, the turn in, traction and tactility that we expect from a race car but that could be usable every day. Our car the Tushek Renovatio has been engineered specifically to do this, with an obsessive focus on lightweight and race specification componentry, is what we call a Super Sports Car -- a car that is sharper and more communicative than any you can find on the market now. The joy in driving such a car is the dialogue between the car and driver; the car must become a subconscious extension of the drivers will, communicating perfectly with him. We have engineered this joy into our car such that each and every time you travel together it is like an exquisite night with a wonderful lover. Our car is full of emotions and emotion enhancing technology, much of it focused around lightness creating one of the best handling, lightest and fastest supercars on the circuit with uniquely good looks for the road." Aljosa Tusek

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