DARTZ is next after Rolls-Royce and some other companies presented their Dragon Year cars in 2012. After start at Chengdu Motorshow 2011 DARTZ got unwaited feedback, and also understand chinese market trends which are plain and easy: Bigger and More expensive than neighbours car. Following these trends DARTZ designed so called pullman-saloon, or just business limo for chinese market. This car is one of two models of "mobile business" cars which will be launched by DARTZ this year. Other - "The DICTATOR" business pullman planned to present with same name movie this spring. Top 12 features of new car: 1. Longer on 600 mm than regular car. 2. 3+1 door formula 3. Diamond, gold and rubies dragon badge. 4. Silver plated chinese style relings. 5. Silver plated chinese style fenders with dragon. 6. Satellite TV. 7. WiFi in car. 8. 3D 42' Phillips Aurea TV for passenger 9. Black piano interior and floor, with encrusted dragon. 10. Bullet wheels with dragon logo. 11. LEAD ZEPPELIN package (memories of Fukusima) which include Pb inserts inside metal sandwich and 20 inch special Pb glass. 12. Electrochromic passenger glasses and roof. It is planned to make only 12 black matte dragon cars, which will be available from DARTZ dealer in China - *Tangshan Shengshi International Autopark - www.kombat.com.cn .* *Estimated price RMB 50000000.*

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