Checking out a modified Tesla Model S priced at 205,820 USD [video]

T Sportline took a 123,770 USD Tesla Model S Performance 85 kWh and installed aftermarket parts which raised the car's price to 205,820 USD.

Spending no less than 82,050 USD to modify an already tricked out Tesla Model S is exaggerated especially when the modifications brought to the car don't actually make it that better. However, T Sportline believes there is a market for such an expensive package which encompasses 7,500 USD 21-inch forged wheels and a 5,250 USD carbon fiber body kit.

The vehicle's body has been covered in a 3M wrap worth 6,000 USD together with a 1,500 USD window tint from the same company. The piece of resistance is without any doubt the bespoke upholstery priced at a whopping 25,000 USD while the sound system adds 9,500 USD to the car's price tag.

Check out the attached photo to find out all prices.

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