BMW announces laser headlights will be available this fall on the i8

BMW has announced the i8 will be the world's first production model to be offered with laser headlights.

It was 2011 when BMW introduced the Vision Connected Drive concept which had laser headlights and now the Bavarian marque is ready to offer this new technology on a production model. Starting this fall, the BMW i8 will be the first production car in the world which will be available with optional laser headlights featuring the BMW Laser Light technology.

Compared to the standard LED headlights of the i8, the laser headlamps will be about 30 percent more energy efficient while illuminating the road up ahead a lot better than LED-based headlights. BMW says the illumination range is doubled compared to a LED high beam, resulting in a range of up to 600 meters. Drivers won't have to worry about dazzling incoming traffic since the laser diodes will work together with a camera-guided high-beam assistant.

Aside from consuming less energy and being more powerful, the laser diodes are ten times smaller than regular ones which means they are not only lighter but they also require less installation space.

After their introduction in the i8, laser headlights will later on be optionally offered on other BMW models.

Additional details can be found in the attached press release.

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