Daihatsu introduces eight new concepts at the Indonesia Motor Show

Daihatsu has introduced eight new concepts at the Indonesia International Motor Show.

First up, the UFC 2 is an evolution of the UFC concept that debuted at last year's show. Unfortunately, it's less attractive than its predecessor as it eschews the swoopy styling for a dash of Toyota blandness. Regardless, Daihatsu says it has a seven-seat interior and "incorporates convenience that is indispensable in everyday life."

Likewise, the D-R Estate is a revised version of the D-R roadster that also debuted at last year's show. As the name suggests, it jettisons the open air cockpit for a fixed hardtop but at least it adopts a more powerful 660cc engine.

The CUV concept won't win any awards for its name but it has a funky design with rearrangeable rear seats and a split rear door that "opens upward and downward."

Moving on, the Ayla GT, X-track and Luxury concepts hint at future variants of the Ayla. The models are pretty self-explanatory as the GT is a sporty concept, the Luxury is an upscale concept and the X-track is a ruggedized concept with off-road inspired styling.

Lastly, the NC-Y and NC-Z concepts preview a potential model that could slot below the Ayla.

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