Lotus denies tie-up with Bulleta Motors, says RF22 is based on 'vapor'

A Lotus representative has dismissed any association with Bulleta Motors for the recently unveiled Evora-based RF22.

At the end of last month California-based Bulleta Motors announced the RF22 based on the Lotus Evora. However, Kevin Smith who is Marketing & PR Communications Executive at Lotus Cars USA told MotorWard that Bulleta never contacted Lotus to talk about the prospects of buying the chassis of the Evora. In other words, Bulleta doesn't have the legal rights to use the Evora chassis so the RF22 is "based on nothing but VAPOR."

Chassis disputes aside, the RF22 is powered by a V6 3.5-liter supercharged engine outputting 505 bhp (376 kW) and 555 Nm (410 lb-ft). It tips the scales at 1,363 kg (2,920 lbs) and should complete the 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) run in 3.6 seconds. The body of the car is the work of Samir Sadikhov who also envisioned the Cadillac C-Ville and Aston Martin DBC.

The Bulleta RF22 has been fitted with 19-inch carbon fiber wheels shod in Michelin Super Sport tires, with stopping power provided by carbon ceramic brakes. Other features include a center-mounted dual exhaust, front lip spoiler, roof scoop and bi-xenon headlights.

Pricing details haven't been disclosed which isn't really an issue since chances of seeing a production car are slim.

[update] Bulleta Motors has sent us an e-mail providing more details about the issue.

They say Bulleta Motors is currently in negotiations with Lotus UK which is a different entity than Lotus USA. An agreement will soon be finalized and then a press release will be issued providing full details about the deal.

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