Ferrari slams replica makers following the arrest of 8 people in Spain [video]

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Ferrari begs to differ as they're fed up with unlicensed replicas.

Noting the recent arrest of eight people in Spain who built 17 replicas of the F430 and 458 Italia, Ferrari says the cars are not copies but "forgeries pure and simple." The company goes on to say the replicas are on "par with those fake Hermes bags sold in the streets."

While Ferrari appears a bit tickled by the fact that only one would buy a replica just to be associated with the Prancing Horse, their message is clear as they stated "If you really want a Ferrari, knock on the door of a Maranello dealership, to be found in 62 countries around the world with over 200 dealers: there you are bound to find the real car of your dreams."

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