Chevrolet Camaro SS gets a new look from SchwabenFolia

SchwabenFolia has given the Chevrolet Camaro SS a meaner appearance thanks to a dark grey matte metallic exterior finish.

Looking as if it was taken straight from a Fast and Furious movie set, this sinister Camaro SS has been reworked by German wrapping specialist SchwabenFolia who installed other parts like blades, vents and scoops. In addition, the vehicle now rides on a fresh new set of BBS alloy wheels painted in black.

Aside from the revised looks, the car's V8 6.2-liter engine has received a supercharger kit, but they haven't released details about power numbers. However, based on their latest program for the Camaro SS, we assume the output of the mill has increased to 525 HP (386 kW) courtesy of a SLP TVS2300 supercharger.

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