Classic MINI says happy 50th birthday to the Porsche 911

BMW has released a photo gallery with a classic MINI "wishing" the Porsche 911 happy birthday for its 50th anniversary.

It appears as if MINI and Porsche are friends once again after the 2010 controversy when MINI placed a full-page ad in the New York Times challenging Porsche to do a race at Road Atlanta. Porsche refused the challenge, but MINI insisted as they flew a banner over Porsche's NA headquarters which said "Dear Porsche, Bring it! Love, MINI".

Several days later, a Porsche 911 commissioned by MINI was faster than a MINI Cooper by two seconds at a challenge event in Road Atlanta. MINI said those two seconds are each worth 38,000 USD, as a reference to the price tag difference between the two cars.

Fast forward to 2013, they seem to have buried the hatchet as MINI is wishing the Porsche 911 a happy birthday.

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