Fiat says no to hydrogen, prefers natural gas

Fiat is not a big fan of hydrogen fuel-cell cars as they prefer compressed natural gas (CNG) as alternative fuel.

The Italian automaker says it's significantly more difficult to pump hydrogen along pipelines in comparison to natural gas. In addition, Fiat considers fuel cells to have a short lifespan because their platinum catalysts are affected by the carbon monoxide which is being released during the energy conversion process. Moreover, they believe this tech doesn't really have any major efficiency gains in comparison to a diesel engine.

Fiat favors compressed natural gas in the short term and they say the CNG Panda is better than gasoline and diesel cars in terms of air quality. For the future they want to see EVs being charged wirelessly while on the go which would enable the car's owner to charge the battery pack to last for approximately 20 miles to get from one "charged road" to the other. Fiat estimates this infrastructure would cost approximately 50 billion GBP for a country the size of United Kingdom or Italy.

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