Tesla Supercharger network to cover most of Canada & U.S. in a year

Tesla's Supercharger network has been relatively limited but the company is hoping to change that by announcing plans for a major expansion throughout the United States and Canada.

By the end of next month, Tesla will triple the number of Supercharger stations in service. The new stations will provide coverage from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland as well as Austin to Dallas. There will also be four additional Supercharger stations on the East Coast as well as new stations in California, Colorado and Illinois.

Within six months, Tesla's Supercharger network will expand into Arizona and connect Ottawa to Montreal. There will also be several additional stations in Texas, Florida and the Midwest.

In a year, Tesla hopes to their Supercharger network will stretch across North America and provide coverage to "almost the entire population of the U.S. and Canada."

Besides expanding the network, Tesla is developing an improved Supercharger that will enable the Model S to be recharged in just 20 minutes.

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