McLaren still aims sub-seven minute lap for P1 at Nurburgring

McLaren still wants the P1 to lap the Nürburgring Nordschleife in less than seven minutes.

Yesterday an interesting image (see attached photo) was found by Jalopnik on a Chinese website which showed a lap time of 6:33.26. They had their doubts about what appeared to be an astonishing accomplishment and contacted McLaren right away.

They responded by saying the image "was included on a slide which was part of a mood board to inspire the design team for the McLaren P1, and not the engineers, who are working to a target time of "merely" sub-7 minutes."

Even though the time posted is not genuine, it still gives us an idea about McLaren's ambitions with the P1. We are eagerly waiting for an official run with the supercar which hopefully will occur in the following months.

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