Autobahn under attack as politicians push for speed limits - report

Germany has long been known as a speed freak's haven but that could soon be changing as several political parties have announced their support for enacting a mandatory speed limit on the autobahn.

The issue isn't particularly new, as the German Green Party has been pushing for speed limits for years, but Sigmar Gabriel - the leader of the SPD party - has joined them by announcing his support of a 120 km/h (75 mph) speed limit. According to Gabriel, statistics show lower accident rates on restricted sections of the autobahn so imposing speed limits could save lives.

Despite Gabriel's suggestions, the ADAC points out that only 11 percent of Germany's serious traffic accidents and deaths occurred on the autobahn last year. The organization also claims that 60 percent of driving-related fatalities occur on country roads and not on the autobahn.

It remains unclear if the allure of the autobahn is enough to keep the politicians away, but rumors have suggested the SPD and Green Party could form a coalition if the former party wins the next election.

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