Maserati chief says EVs are 'not the answer'

Maserati's chief Harald Wester declared during 2013 Auto Shanghai "all this discussion about zero emissions is nonsense."

He based his statement on statistics regarding average power station efficiency which state an average EV requires 86g of CO2 emissions per kilometer in Europe, 110 g/km in United States and 191 g/km in China. Wester said nobody in the industry is discussing how efficiently the battery pack is charged, adding that it varies from area to area depending on numerous factors like how the energy is produced.

Nevertheless, he believes at some point Maserati will be forced to create a hybrid powertrain in order to meet stricter emission regulations, especially in United States. Harald Wester mentions diesels and CNG are better for lowering CO2 emissions and he describes them as being more viable than hybrids. In addition, he thinks EVs "are not the answer" and proposes more honest solutions for calculating emissions.

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