RobotCar is an iPad-controlled Nissan Leaf [videos]

A group of engineers from Oxford University have modified a Nissan Leaf to make it controllable via an iPad.

RobotCar features small cameras and lasers in its chassis which are able to "record" a 3D map of what's nearby and send it to the boot-mounted computer for the purposes of helping the Leaf remember routes the driver usually takes.

The front bumper-mounted laser scans 164-feet up front in an 85 degree field of view 13 times per seconds to detect whether there are any cars, pedestrians, cyclists or others ahead. If detected, the Leaf automatically slows down and eventually stops until the road up ahead is unobstructed. If the driver wants to regain control of the car all he has to do is tap the brake pedal.

More details are available at the source link below.

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