Audi S6 Super Bowl ad with alternate endings [videos]

Audi S6 Super Bowl ad with alternate endings [videos]

Super Bowl XLVII is fast approaching so Audi has prepared three versions of the "Prom" ad showcasing the 2013 S6.

All three endings of the commercial involve the teenager kissing the prom queen but in the end getting punched in the face by her boyfriend. "Tradition" is probably the best variant of the ad as it ends with the teenager looking at a photo of his parents while behind them is the legendary Audi Quattro.

His father went through the same problem as his son but ended up with the prom queen which later became his wife. Their son carried on the tradition and went to prom in a 2013 Audi S6 then kissing the girl of his dreams.

These are the two alternative endings:

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