German brands get hammered in engine reliability report

UK-based Warranty Direct has gone over their data and released a report that details which companies build the most reliable engines.

According to their warranty claims, Honda builds some of the most durable engines as their failure rate is just 0.29%. Toyota and Mercedes weren't far behind as their failure rates were just 0.58% and 0.84%, respectively. Rounding out the top five were Volvo with 0.90% and Jaguar with 0.98%.

At the other end of the spectrum with the worst manaufacturers, MG Rover took the crown for building lackluster engines with an astounding failure rate of 7.88 percent. Audi and MINI fared slightly better as failure rates were clocked at 3.71% and 2.51%, respectively. Booby prizes were also awarded to Saab (2.49%) and Vauxhall (2.46%) for a less than stellar showing.

While all engines aren't created equal, neither is the cost to repair them. Warranty Direct says an engine failure in a Range Rover Vogue recently set them back £13,000 ($20,640 / €15,515).

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